Low temperature EVI heat pump up to-25°С

Parameter Type Value Remark
Heating Power kW 28.18 A0W35
Rated Power kW 7.35
СОР - 3.83
Heating Power kW 36.35 A10W35
Rated Power kW 7.53
СОР - 4.83
Heating Power kW 14.65 A-25W35
Rated Power kW 6.06
СОР - 2.42
Refrigerant Type R417A -
Compressor Type Scroll EVI -
Compressors qty pcs 1 -
Connections inch 1 1/2" -
Water flow l/h 6020 -
Delta heating °С 7 -
Air Flow m3/h 8200 -
Hot Inlet °С +15/+50 -
Hot Outlet °С +25/+60 -
Wotking current А 21.6 max
Operating voltage V 380 -
Frequency Hz 50 -


Dependence on heating temperature
Efficiency Graph
Outdoor and Indoor Modules
 Air to Water heat pump Install
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Для даной модели возможно исполнение в двухCompressorном варианте.


AWHP model heat pumps can be used as low-temperature heat pumps for operation in very low ambinet temperature conditions in cases where drilling is not possible.
In these types of heat pumps, water is used Compressorы, which has been developed by our company.
The advantage of using low-temperature air heat pumps is their high efficiency and low installation costs, low space requirements and low project and installation costs, especially for outdoor installation. For example, the installation of brine-water heat pumps using ground energy entails more drilling costs, pipe costs and brine costs. Until now, the high costs of installing ground-to-water heat pumps can only be justified by the high energy efficiency of these pumps. But with the latest developments and technologies, new opportunities have also emerged. This type of air heat pump operates at very low temperatures of -25°C. When designing, it is necessary to take into account the reduction of the total heat output of the plant and the increase in costs. When calculating for heating buildings at lower temperatures, it is necessary to take into account the presence of a secondary source of auxiliary heat energy.
The use of low-temperature water heat pumps is especially important in renovation and reconstruction of old buildings where there is no possibility to carry out drilling and excavation work, at facilities and for heating the premises in high-rise buildings. The maximum supply circuit temperature (55-60°C) and thus also high heat output values can be achieved, even at an ambient temperature of -25°C.
The heat pump can be installed at any location, as the hydraulic connections can be pulled out from either the left or right side of the casing.
High-performance air-to-water heat pump Turea
»Suitable for installation in new buildings and reconstruction of buildings. High supply circuit temperatures (up to 60°C) allow the pump to operate at low outside temperatures (down to -25°C).
»Extremely quiet operation thanks to impeller fans developed with the latest technology based on bionic research.
»Low operating costs due to high annual operating efficiencies.
»Possibility to install near the wall, on the roofs, in basements with ventilation.

Air to water heat pump unit

    Air to water heat pump unit

    1. Compressor with vapour injection coil.
    2. Brazed Plate High efficiency plate heat exchanger.
    3. Air evaporator designed for operation up to very low temperatures.
    4. Heating/cooling process reversal valve, also designed for defrosting mode.
    5. Intermediate heat exchanger (economizer) for vapour injection cycle.
    6. Liquid separator.
    7. Accumulator.
    8. Electronic expansion valve for vapour injection circuit.
    9. Electronic expansion valve of the main circuit.
    10. High pressure protection.
    11. Low pressure protection.
    12. Dry Filter.
    А. System exchaust line.
    В. System suction line.
    С. Vapour Injection circuit.

    The scheme is given only as part of the familiarization.

Low temperature EVI Air to Water Heat Pump

  • Indoor Module

    One Compressor Model
  •  One compressor version
  • ALTAL Heat Pump assembled
  • Outdoor Module

  •  One compressor Heat Pump
  • ALTAL Heat Pump assembled
  • Components

    SWEP, ALTAL, Sanhua
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